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  • Status of my order

    Hi, I ordered items from 28 November 2023, order number 20231128-0000013. is there any update? I have sent emails but no response and the email you have here is failure. Please respond? thank you 


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  • Hanyul White Chrysanthemum Radiance Sunscreen cream SPF50+PA++++ 70ml

    It is mild. It gives moisture and glowing like a protection layer to my skin  . The hydration lasts long. It is suitable for dry season  especially for fall or winter.

    Won Jiyeon


  • Holika Holika Black Caviar Anti-Wrinkle Cream 50ml

    The samples were so good but the product was just alright.

    Son, Jiah


  • IOPE STEMⅢ Ampoule Special Set (4 items)

    Good absorption. Application texture is good but ampoule function seems to be weak (no glowing on face and lack of improvement)



  • IOPE Super Vital Cream Rich 50ml

    I have dry skin.  This is hydating and leaves my skin moisturized.  The absorption was quick too.


  • Innisfree Perfect 9 Repair Serum 50ml

    My skin felt smooth after applying this product. I feel good after using this product. It provides moisture too. I really like it.


  • status from my order

    Dear All,Please provide status from my order, since January 7 i dont have an update.Regards

    Marisol Guzman

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  • Amazing!

    I got 3 samples in my 2017 lucky box but used so quickly so I purchased another set. It's really effective in reducing inflammation with nice-relaxing fragrance and gently nourishing your skin. It makes me really want to try other products from Hanyul.

    Minh Chau

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  • Purito samples

    I love the concept of Purito which aims to use safe and natural ingredients in their products. This combo is great for anyone who can't decide which to buy. I even got bonus samples! Thank you!

    Minh Chau


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    I use it as after washing my face, as a first step of my skincare routine. Because of its watery texture I apply it like a toner, on a cotton pad and iterate it 3-4 times. It is suitable for any skin types. The essence isn't sticky and absorbs very fast. It really helps to soften and plump up my skin! After a month of using I noticed a slightly whitening effect! I recommend it!

    Яница Цветкова

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